Address: st. Branilaca grada b.b., 75 320 Gračanica, BIH

ŠIRBEGOVIĆ is building a new shopping center in Mostar

The new  shopping center Bingo is located on the site of the old building, and the work is carried out by Širbegović company from Gračanica

Construction works at the new center should be completed by September. At the end of last month, works on purification of the scaffolding and the remaining metal construction were still underway, while yesterday a completely different picture was found. The new building has already received the foundations, and on the construction site there is a whole series of construction machines of the company Širbegović. The Bing shopping center in Mostar was burnt down in a catastrophic fire on April 22nd, and the citizens of Mostar hopes that by autumn they will again be able to shop in an old and popular location.