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Širbegović – in 2017, revenue growth is 36% compared to the previous year

Business results in 2017 bring us optimism, because besides growth of revenues of over 36%, we have made improvements in all other indicators of business.

The most significant growth was achieved in the region: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and, of course, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we are the leading company on the market.

We proudly emphasize that we are participating in the realization of the most important projects in the region and that our clients are leading private companies from the region and the wider environment.

For export to Sweden we got a high rating from our customer for product quality and compliance with contracted obligations. In 2018, we are expanding our program on the construction of shaft bridges and residential buildings. We expect further revenue growth in the region and the EU market.

What was marked in 2017 in Širbegović’s company are large investments in equipment and expansion of existing capacities, which had a positive effect in reducing production costs in order to increase competitiveness in terms of prices and construction deadlines.

We are proud that this year we have invested significant funds in the education and development of employees, which we will continue to strive to create as incentive the working conditions in order to achieve a better working atmosphere, good relations among employees, and their satisfaction at the workplace. Satisfied employees are the strongest link of a successful team, according to Širbegović.