Address: st. Branilaca grada b.b., 75 320 Gračanica, BIH


A lot of customers trust companies Širbegović result is a quality business, speed performance and maximum respect for deadlines.

With a very respectable production facilities that are able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, companies Širbegović continues to confirm its leadership in the regional market in the production of reinforced – concrete structures, design and construction of different types of objects.

Proof of this are the projects on which the company is currently working Širbegović, including: Plamingo, Total trade, Fis, Radial, building German School in Belgrade and Konzum in Križevci.

Sirbegovic seeks to build facilities as soon as possible, and to achieve economical construction without sacrificing quality.

In order to accomplish this objective, recent years have invested significant efforts to improve all business processes of the company.

Capable team of employees, high-quality and innovative products, good price and satisfied customers inspire trust us to go through to us in the future to enable the achievement of this objective.