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Širbegović completes the construction work at Delta Planet, Banja Luka

The company Širbegović is now finishing works on the assembly of AB prefabricated structures at Delta Planet Banja Luka.

The realization of this project implied a high level of engagement and engineering solutions, the facility is located in the IX seismic zone on an area of ​​approximately 62,500m2 of space.

The location of the site and the seismic requirements involved non-standard application of the construction, which, thanks to our long experience, ensured a system that was recognized on similar projects in the region.

An expert team and production capacities enable us to partner with the largest companies that just see us in security when asking solutions and realizing.

We are proud to work with the most renowned companies in the region on extremely important and demanding projects where, along with other participants, we are setting new standards in construction.

The quality of our products and customer satisfaction remains our constant commitment as the best guarantee for successful business