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ŠIRBEGOVIĆ achieved income growth of 20% compared to last year

Over the past two years, we invested over 10 million KM in capacity expansion and modernization of equipment. Thanks to these investments, we significantly increased the production capacity, productivity and quality of our products.

The expansion of the market in Austria and Germany, with the fulfillment of very rigorous demands in these markets, as well as strengthening our position in the markets of BiH, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro, was a key condition for achieving our business goals.

We are very satisfied with the achieved business result, and we expect a continuation of the growth trend in the coming years.

Revenue growth was accompanied by a rise in employee salaries, which resulted in no fluctuations in the workforce.

The increase in productivity and the further increase of employees’ salaries in order to preserve the existing employment of approximately 400 employees remains one of the key strategic goals in the coming period.