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Širbegović – RC prefabricated structure for COVID hospital, Belgrade

OBJECT: Military complex “Zemun economy”

COVID Hospital

Semi-intensive care facility – Belgrade

INVESTOR: Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia.

MODERN CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY with the application of prefabricated load-bearing structures has come to full expression in the construction of COVID HOSPITAL in Belgrade.

Ab prefabricated construction of the semi-intensive care complex with an area of 6,400 m2 and floors of P + 3 floors will be completed within 40 days. The installation of one-piece load-bearing columns, the application of reinforced concrete beams and high-performance prefabricated PPS panels results in short deadlines and the introduction of the next phases of construction.

Precisely in the fight against time, the prefabricated construction showed its advantages and possibilities of fast and efficient action.

The hospital is being built within the military complex “Zemun ekonomija”, the opening is scheduled for December 1, 2020.