Address: st. Branilaca grada b.b., 75 320 Gračanica, BIH


In Bužim exhibitions has signed a contract to build a sports hall worth about a million and 700 thousand. The foundation stone for this valuable object should be laid on 20 February, the day of liberation Bužima, and the announcement of the start of construction of the sports hall is particularly pleased sports workers.

Director of construction company “Širbegović” from Gracanica Emir Colo and mayor of the municipality Buzim Agan Bunic in the presence of the owner Faruk Širbegović, chairman MC and several councilors, and sports officials, have signed a contract to build the first phase of the sports hall worth about 600,000 KM. Sports hall will be built at the location near the High School “Hasan Music”, and will soon start preparatory work.

This is what they call the occasion of signing the contract, a kind of gift to the citizens of the municipality and sports clubs. Faruk Širbegović said that his company will in the next two years finance the construction of the sports hall. District Council Bužima unanimously supported the construction of a sports hall in the future this project will provide full support.

Sports Hall will provide better training for more than 700 athletes who are active in 27 clubs.  17

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