Address: st. Branilaca grada b.b., 75 320 Gračanica, BIH

“INPROZ” Institute for the Protection and design doo Tuzla, successfully delivered training and presentation of the Company ŠIRBEGOVIĆ ENGINEERING.

Today at the Širbegović Engineering held presentations and training of employees in the field of safety at work.

The training was conducted by experts from the Institute for the Protection and design »INPROZ” Tuzla in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, requirements of ISO standards OH SAS 18 001: 2007 and is a legitimate solution to perform these functions.

It has been shown a great interest in the topic of employees, which was reflected in the multitude of questions addressed to experts from the Institute.

At the end of the presentations and lectures were tested employees.

In conclusion, it was agreed to hold regular training and the implementation of the set objectives in this area and the removal of potential defects.