Thanks to the excellent team of young and creative professionals, the path from the idea to the constructed building we conduct in the best possible way – fast and safe.

Project design office of Širbegovićprovides drafting services for complete project documentation, design project, final project, interior design projects andas-built drawings with all phases. This office employs great number of engineers of different professions: architects, civil engineers, mechanical and electro engineers, hydro engineers, traffic engineers and technicians.

They all participate in project’s creation, which usually, in very short periods of time, become reality.

Using the most sophisticated hardware and software, our designers create conceptual solutions, design projects, final and as-built projects, as well as 3D representations of objects.

Along with the numerous programs of internal and external education, fair and seminar visits, our designers on daily basis explore for the possibilities of prefabricated and traditional construction, discovering new ways for creative use and design.