Address: st. Branilaca grada b.b., 75 320 Gračanica, BIH

Construction of building BINGO, ŠAMAC started

Successful cooperation between Bingo and Širbegovic company continued on the construction of the facility in Šamac.

The building is in two floors with a total area of 14.707 m2.

For the needs of rapid construction, the development team Širbegović designed the reinforced concrete prefabricated basement walls with a high brand of concrete MB85 in combination with the SIKA system for joints of the assembly structure in order to provide waterproofness without additional waterproofing. This solution significantly reduces the construction deadlines because they avoid construction work that depends on the weather conditions and the need to engage a large number of workers who are increasingly lacking in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the entire region.
The foundation of the building is carried out on piles and prefabricated foundations.
The reinforced concrete structure will be completed within 30 days, which represents an extremely short deadline for this size of the building.