Address: st. Branilaca grada b.b., 75 320 Gračanica, BIH

Company Širbegović specializes in the execution of construction work using modern technology of prefabricated AB constructions. The young and creative team of experts and resources that are available to the company create the conditions for designing and constructing high-rise buildings for all purposes.
In the industry, the prestressed constructions, are the most advanced product, a special place has pre-stressed hollow slabs. This type of mounting structural element allows economical, fast and safe construction of ceiling constructions of all types of buildings.

Product range includes sheets of thickness from 200 to 500 mm, for budget ranges from 4 to 19 m, and for useful loads from 2 to 20 KN / m2, as well as on two levels of fire resistance REI 90 and REI 120 minutes. Such diversity meets all the needs of the client.

Quality, speed of execution of works, maximum compliance with deadlines and complete offer are companies of company Širbegović, which create a key competitive advantage. Installed production facilities enable the construction of about 800,000 m2 of facilities, and are able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

All products and services of Širbegović are in accordance with the highest quality standards, as evidenced by numerous international quality certificates, which enable performances in the surrounding countries and the EU.